What difference does representation make?

When the insurance company sends their adjuster to your home or business to assess your claim, they have an agenda. They may be really good at what they do, they may be terrible, they might be a “company man” whose only concern is saving the company money or the just want to get done and go home. Regardless, you and your loss are not the priority.

Hiring your own adjuster makes you the priority. You are the boss and the focus becomes your loss rather than “policy”.

I recently visited a home that had suffered a loss. There was one big ticket item that was in dispute. As we walked the property, we found thousands of dollars in damages that were never addressed. We can certainly help with the big ticket item, but why not address all the other issues? The insurance company owes you for all the damages. It takes experience, determination and attention to see what others miss.

Details make all the difference. In this case, details made thousands of dollars of difference. This is why we excel at what we do, we pay attention to the details, we find what other have overlooked and capture the total value of the claim. This is the value in hiring a professional, it doesn’t cost you anything, the service pays for itself.