The insurance company denied my claim, now what?

Many of the claims that we deal with are a result of a denial. Insurance companies have the right to investigate you claim and may deny it for several reasons. They may deny if you do not have coverage for the peril that caused the loss. They can deny is they do not believe the damage was caused by a covered peril. They can deny for fraud or dishonesty. They can also dent for installation error or poor workmanship.

As a public adjuster we analyze the claim, policy and reason for denial. Many times a denial is based the adjusters opinion. Unfortunately in too many cases the adjuster is not qualified to make the judgement that assert. In today’s world we have virtual claims. A person with a video device is sending images to someone, somewhere that it making decisions. The truth is that many adjusters get it wrong in person, virtual claims increase that likelihood exponentially. Further, is it far more likely that an adjuster detach themselves and tend to be indifferent when they don’t meet the homeowner face to face, the human element is removed.

The public adjuster will ask why the claim was rejected and then it is their job to address the facts, read the policy language and then present an effective and logical response. Many times we are successful but there is never a guarantee. There are times that an adjuster is just absolutely obstinate and will not change their mind no matter what is presented. In those cases we will introduce legal consul and possibly litigation.  However, litigation is always a last resort and we only recommend litigation when we feel like you have a better than average chance to prevail.