My roofer said he can handle my insurance claim for free

There are 2 reasons why this is wrong. Not only wrong but illegal and ill-advised.

In the State of Texas it is illegal to involve yourself in another persons insurance claim unless you are a 1. Licensed Public Adjuster or 2. a Licensed attorney. A roofer that claims to be a “insurance claims expert” is making an inappropriate claim and it is a claim that he can not substantiate. Very often those that advertise in this manner will receive a “cease and desist” order from the Texas insurance commissioner.

The first problem is your insurance claim should be treated as  a whole not just the single element. A roofer makes his money installing roofs. Naturally his focus will getting the insurance company to pay for the roof. Rarely is the roof the only damage on a claim. In many cases a roofing contractor will advertise that they will handle all the repairs, but they don’t really make any money on the minor issues, so they are not as concerned with other repairs. It is important to be compensated for all the damage. Damage not properly claimed may be excluded from future insurance claims. Adjusters don’t always pay for damage that you don’t point out to them.

The next problem is the insurance adjuster will not discuss coverage or policy language with a roofer. Insurance policy language is complex and often subject to interpretation. In many cases, an insurance will deny coverage for damage when speaking to a homeowner or a roofer, but when a public adjuster is involved we make them show us the specific language that they have based their decision on.

Many claims are denied because the information was presented improperly and triggered a denial. For example; After a hail storm, the roof leaked. The roofer points out that there is mold on the ceiling. All the adjuster hears is “mold”. Mold is excluded in most policies, therefore, the damage is denied. The truth is mold is just evidence of water damage, the mold did not cause the loss. Water damage is covered and this claim will be paid.

One of the great expressions of our day is “Stay in your lane!”. Just because I know how a house is built, doesn’t make me a home builder. Just because a roofer does work covered by insurance does not make him a claims expert.