How Much does it cost To hire a public adjuster

People are often afraid to ask this question. The good news is that we are not afraid to answer it.

There is nothing worse than asking someone how much a product or service costs and them not giving you a straightforward answer. In the state of Texas the standard fee and the maximum fee a public adjuster can charge is 10% of the total claim value.

Here’s the great part: a public adjuster only gets paid on what they produce for you. It’s not guaranteed but it is guaranteed that if the public adjuster is unsuccessful in their efforts, you owe nothing. If you go to the doctor and pay for an expensive surgery that he recommends, do you think he will guarantee his efforts? Even if you die, you still owe his bill.

Here is the best part; On average, policyholders that use a public adjuster, get 40% more than the policyholder will get on their own. So let’s do the math, if the fee is 10% but you get 40% more, how much did it cost you?