How long will it take to settle my claim

At Clear Loss Consultants we understand that most people, after a loss, want their life to back to normal. They just want to clean up the mess, make the repairs and go back to life as they know it.

We can file the necessary documents with your insurance company in a matter of days. This is where the question really begins. We strive to answer every phone call, email or text message within 24 hours.

Most insurance companies run understaffed and are always running behind. It can be days or even weeks before they respond to an email or a filing. In some cases their are state mandated timelines that must be followed and there are penalties for not meeting them.

Clear Loss Consultants keeps a steady pressure on insurance companies and adjusters to not only respond and make determinations but also that they keep their word when they make promises, especially in regards to time.

When necessary we bring in our legal teams to address timeliness and service failures.

In short, the time to complete the claim is not in our hands completely, but we assure clients that it is never our failure that is delaying their claim.