Can my insurance company cancel me for hiring a public adjuster

The sort simple answer is: No.

This is a legitimate fear that many people have. They feel like if they make “waves” with their insurance company that they will retaliate by cancelling them or raising their rates.

First, you have the right to hire your own adjuster. State law allows this, it also protects you from retaliation for excising this right.

Second, a public adjuster can not make an insurance company pay any more than they are obligated to pay under the law or the policy language. In short, the public adjuster only compels the insurance company to pay what they should have paid anyway.

Third, you can not be singled out for a rate increase or cancellation. There are many factors that go into computing your rate for insurance. The number of claims, the type of claims, where you live, the construction of your home and many more. Once you have filed a claim, the claim is a part of your record. For example; a weather claim will not affect your rate, but a fire claim can. How the claim is handled and the end result have no bearing on your next renewal. Even a claim that the insurance company pays $0 counts as a claim. Some people have even had to do to the extreme measure of suing their insurance company to force them to pay a claim, and yet they are still insured by them for the future.

Finally, there are some good insurance companies and some bad one, but most have thousands and even millions of policy holders. They simply don’t have the time, resources or desire to seek retaliation. Insurance companies are still in business to make a profit and build new customers. They have to consider their actions. Bad press can really hurt their ability to gain market share. Future they are regulated by the state, a pattern that even suggests retaliation would bring serious scrutiny on an insurance company.

Always hire a qualified public adjuster, it is well worth the investment.